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Slag is the glass like by product left over after a desired metal has been separated smelted from its raw is usually a mixture of metal oxides and silicon slags can contain metal sulfides and elemental metals While slags are generally used to remove waste in metal smelting they can also serve other purposes such as assisting in the temperature control of

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Steel Slag Permanent Magnetic Roll Separator Aluneth CN102397817A Method for sorting stainless steel slag 0007 The magnetic separator is a high strength the use of a permanent magnet and a belt separator drum the drum surface of the magnetic flux density is 9500 Gs stainless steel slag effective grain size sorting 0 15 metal in the slag in particular chromium metal can be effectively selected

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Separator Magnets Walker engineers and manufactures magnetic pulleys drums suspended magnetic separators and eddy current separators designed for beneficiation tramp iron removal non ferrous metal recovery and various other separation processing applications

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At our Metal Recovery Plant a crushing and magnetic separation process is used to recover the metal contained in iron and steelmaking slag This can then be effectively reused in the steelmaking process Crushing and sizing the demetallized slag generates specific size fractions for marketing as aggregates too and Harsco Environmental has

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of magnetic separation and use various types of magnets throughout the process to remove recoverable metaltics The metal recovered is recycled back into the steel making process After the initial removal of metallics steel furnace slag is then ready for aggregate production Furnace Processes Steel furnace slag is formed during the


magnetic separation by special equipment The process recovery rate is 100% because no waste or other by product is generated The main product is Ecogravel a fantastic industrial aggregate but the recovered metal scrap is economically even more important Depending on the EAF operations and slag pre treatment up to 3% 4% of the slag is recovered as scrap The markets for aggregate

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EddyXpert Eddy current separators The Eddy current separator type EddyXpert is the all rounder of the ECS machine line and is suitable for a large number of product streams from coarse to medium fine fractions Many possible combinations for desired application Separating NF particles 5 200 mm 12 or 22HI pole eddy current magnet roller

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Magnetic separation A magnetic separation experiment was carried out using a Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separators Eriez Series L Model 4 Laboratory Three kinds of dephosphorization slag as shown in Table 1 were prepared for the experiments The hot metal dephosphorization slag specimen was provided from JFE steel This slag

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Dry magnetic separation technology for the recovery of iron minerals in fine grained steel slag Liang Chang Shi of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Henan Polytechnic University Jiaozuo Henan 454003 China Key Laboratory for Green and Efficient Mining Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources Henan Polytechnic University Jiaozuo Hen

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A system and method directed to the economical recovery of valuable iron constituents from iron blast furnace and steel making slag fines wherein the slag is obtained and subjected to a series of classification steps which progressively sort the slag fines by various physical characteristics including magnetism size and density into relatively iron rich and relatively iron poor

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Obtained magnetite and manganese ferrite can be separated from the slag by magnetic of the magnetic properties of the manganese ferrite recovered from slag treatment it was necessary to synthesize a reference compound from pure precursors The MnFe2O4 nanopowder was synthesized by the oxalate route The size effects on the magnetic properties of manganese

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In this study a basic oxygen furnace BOF steelwork slag obtained from the Kardemir integrated iron and steel works Karabuk Turkey is used A drum magnetic separator system with pre engineered crucial processing parameters of drum revolution speed drum radius drum flesh thickness and magnitude of the magnetic field applied is utilized

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Steel slag processing solutions When using commonly used slag processing methods up to 50% of steel cannot be recovered from slag fines Magsort can increase the profitability in steel slag processing by recovering and briquetting the steel currently wasted when the slag is used as road construction materials To avoid steel loss the company has specially developed a patented high

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final objective of slag reuse in sintering process The iron separation from slag allows ironrecovering as a substitute for scrap as well as making effective use of the slag for other applications where iron would be an impurity This is the reason why after cooling the steel slags are round and the iron recovered by magnetic separation g

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IFE eddy current separators are used to separate non ferrous metals aluminium copper brass etc from bulk material of all kinds The special model IFE ENOS is used to removal of non ferrous particles from bulk streams plastic fractions cable scrap etc generation of non ferrous concentrates WEEE incineration slag non ferrous

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A method of recovering a valuable metal from slag is disclosed The method includes the steps of applying a magnetic field whose magnitude is increased in a stepwise fashion to crushed slag to separate a magnetic material from the crushed slag and introducing a reductant into the separated magnetic material to recover a valuable metal therefrom


The present invention provides a method of separating and recovering iron from a waste non ferrous slag generated in a process for smelting of non ferrous metals including copper zinc and lead in which a reducing agent and a reaction catalyst are added to the crushed waste non ferrous slag and the mixture is subjected to a reduction reaction thereby converting amorphous iron oxides


All Ferrous slags contain varying amounts of valuable metal which can be recovered by a magnetic separation methods and at the same time valuable construction aggregates are made by crushing and screening Converting a disposal cost into a sale revenue offers considerable cost benefits to the steel maker whilst giving engineers access to quality raw materials and at the same time reducing the

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MAGNETIC SEPARATORS a wide range of MAGNETIX products designed for metal separation in applications such as mining power industry recycling and food industry The magnetic and electromagnetic separators are installed on belt conveyors chutes and pneumatic conveying pipelines In our offer you can find many types of magnetic separators

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 · In this process Fig 2 crushers magnetic separators and screens are used for simultaneous recovery of scrap and adjustment of slag grain size Fig 2 Schematic flowsheet for slag processing During the steelmaking processes the added flux for the refining of the steel forms a component of the steelmaking slag

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The present invention therefore provides stage crushing method for recovering precious metals from slag produced by a coal burning furnace or boiler comprising a plurality of crushing steps wherein each crushing step produces slag particles having successively smaller particle diameter sizes said crushing steps continued until a final desired particle diameter sized is obtained wherein


The result of magnetic separation of synthetic slag showed that iron rich phase is recovered readily at magnetic field intensity T intermediate phase dicalcium ferrite is recovered at field intensity T> whereas dicalcium silicate will have no effect Fig This result was applied on as received and slowly cooled slag It was found

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Here the STEINERT ISS induction sensor sorting unit with the selective ARGOS type induction sensor can be set up for outstanding separation of stainless steel from incineration bottom ash All magnet and sensor sorting technology for IBA recycling from a single source STEINERT EddyC Decades of experience meets brilliant solutions belt

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Due to the required high specific gravities of separation the alljig is often the only economic option for recovering metal particles Stainless steel ferro chrome and ferro manganese and other valuable metals have been recovered with circuits employing allmineral equipment At many plants the separated slag can be sold as aggregate Thus

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magnetic bars remove very fine metal particles and even weakly magnetic particles as originating from machined stainless steel and iron oxides from product streams Magnetic Liquid Magnet It is used in fluid materials with different viscosity as fluid and semi fluid to remove iron impurities and other ferromagnetic particles so as to keep the materials clean

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ficiency of magnetic separation of phosphorus enriched phase from a simulated hot metal dephosphorization slag and examines the phosphorus recovery efficiency 2 Experimental Work Experimental Slag Composition The purpose of this study was to recover the phosphorus enriched phase in dephosphorization slag by magnetic sepa

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Today s increase in demand for efficient waste recycling calls for high performance equipment The Static HogMag Eddy Current Separator SHM ECS 2022 is the complete turnkey solution for metal recovery from a range of waste types The machine features an access platform diesel genset option stockpiling conveyor options and adjustable support legs for simple site relocation


NON FERROUS METAL SEPARATOR TYPE SWP EDDY CURRENT • Separation of non ferrous metals from a size of 1 mm • High speed magnetic rotor made of high power neodymium NdFeB magnets • Precise rotor balancing and special bearings to obtain high rotational speed • Magnetic field frequency of up to 1000 Hz • SIEMENS electronic control

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Crushing and Magnetic Separation Steelmaking slag includes 10% to 40 % iron metal which can be separated for different purposes Iron can be recovered and used as a substitute for scrap iron iron can be segregated for effective use of slag for applications where iron would act as an impurity For these reasons the slag is crushed and iron

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Since their magnetic property of each phase is significantly different it is possible to separate each phase with the aid of superconducting strong magnetic field By applying strong magnetic field of to T to the crushed slag more than 60% of phosphorus concentrated phase in the slag has been recovered If the most of phosphorus can be removed from the slag the residual slag is

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After further treatment with chlorinated segregation magnetic separation the iron content in the recovered slag can reach 83% After the treatment sulphur content in the concentrate was reduced significantly and gangue materials such as SiO2 Al2O3 and TiO2 were reduced effectively This paper is mainly focused on the results of reduction roasting magnetic separation Recovery of iron