influencing factors of construction waste reduction

Reduction of Construction and Demolition Waste

1 Reduction of Construction and Demolition Waste sent to Landfill Fixed Benchmark Up to 2 points are available where the construction waste going to landfill is reduced to a fixed benchmark or below The benchmark is defined in kg of waste per square meter of gross floor area GFA Waste kg/m2 Points 15 1 10 2 2 Reduction

Pollution due to construction Is it solvable

19 02 2022 · The back bone of economic development is infrastructure All construction sites generate high levels of pollution and this can carry for large distances over a long period of time As per the Delhi Pollution Control Committee DPCC officials 30 percent of air pollution is caused due to dust which emanates from construction sites

Sustainable construction legislation regulation and

Specifically in relation to construction the strategy includes initiatives by the Green Construction Board to develop guidance for increasing resource efficiency and reducing waste through the adopting of circular economy principles The Green Construction Board has published a report on the interpretation of zero avoidable construction waste and work is underway to develop a roadmap setting

Environmental impacts Green Choices

Disposing of waste has huge environmental impacts and can cause serious problems In the UK much is buried in landfill sites holes in the ground sometimes old quarries sometimes specially dug Some waste will eventually rot but not all and in the process it may smell or generate methane gas which is explosive and []

Exploring critical influencing factors for the site

12 10 2022 · This study aims to explore the critical influencing factors that lead to the site selection failure of waste to energy WtE projects in China under the influence of the Not In My Back Yard NIMBY effect which can provide references to improve the decision making process of similar projects in the future The fuzzy decision making trial and evaluation laboratory DEMATEL method was

Advantages and disadvantages of recycling business waste

Reducing waste costs managing and handling waste is costly and reducing the amount of waste you send directly to landfill can brings large savings on landfill tax Meeting legal obligations businesses in some industries have a legal responsibility for disposal of specific products ensuring compliance through recycling schemes means avoiding penalties fines or worse

The 8 Wastes of Lean

The seven wastes are Transportation Inventory Motion Waiting Overproduction Overprocessing and Defects They are often referred to by the acronym TIMWOOD The 8th waste of non utilized talent or Skills of workers was later introduced in the 1990s when the Toyota Production System was adopted in the Western world

Material Wastage on Construction Sites Work

The reduction of waste can be beneficial to many involved in the construction industry Reducing waste can be a great financial benefit as waste has a cost The cost of waste is included in a tender price and paid for by the client Main contractors have the responsibilities for waste disposal but waste is also generated by sub contractors

The ecological footprint of building construction

• reduce its influence on the water cycle • reduce CO2 emissions and waste production • become part of the surrounding environmental historical and cultural context About 40 50% of total energy cost in developed countries is closely linked or is a consequence of building construction Moreover the construction of new

Impact of COVID 19 pandemic on waste management

23 06 2022 · Stylized facts Before the COVID 19 pandemic the world was already facing challenges in the waste management sector where over two billion people lack access to waste collection whereas over three billion people lack access to waste disposal UN Habitat 2022 Hence the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic and its corresponding social distancing measures amplify the already burdened

Factors that Influence Reduction Potential Chemistry

15 08 2022 · Factors that Influence Reduction Potential In general the ions of very late transition metals those towards the right hand end of the transition metal block such as copper silver and gold have high reduction potentials In other words their ions are easily reduced Alkali metal ions on the very left edge of the periodic table

How to Decrease the Environmental Impact on Construction

How to Decrease the Environmental Impact on Construction Sites Author Karen Palmer QSE Manager There s no denying that construction projects can have a considerable impact on the environment The direct impact of construction of residential and commercial buildings and other types of infrastructure is mostly on the use of resources

Factors Influencing Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors

01 07 2022 · Three waste management behaviors waste reduction reuse and recycling were examined with the use of a conceptual framework developed by the author It was posited that environmental values situational characteristics and psychological factors all play a significant role in the prediction of waste management behavior within the context of a core intention behavior

PDF Impacts of Construction Activities on the

IMPACTS OF CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES ON THE ENVIRONMENT THE CASE OF GHANA Simon Ofori Ametepey1 1oforipmp and Kwame Ansah2 2skansah 1 Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education University of Education Winneba P O Box 1277 Kumasi Ghana 2 Department of Building Technology Cape Coast Polytechnic Box AD 50 Cape Coast Ghana Abstract Construction

Factors Affecting Construction Cost Estimation The

Various factors influence the cost estimation of a construction project Preparation of a construction cost estimate for any project is a very complex process which consists of many variable factors Every variable has to be correctly estimated based on proper study past experience and research to calculate total project cost of construction

Sustainability in Construction Civil Engineering The

Reduction of amount of construction waste Reuse construction wastes in other works Recover recycling composting energy recycle what you can only after you have reused it Dispose what is left in a responsible way Use of durable construction materials and quality control at site for durability of structure is one step towards

Construction Waste Measurement Guide

reducing waste to landfill and/or reducing incineration with no energy recovery For example the Strategy for Sustainable Construction 2022 1 in England and the Plan Nacional de Residuos de Construcción y Demolición Plan of Construction and Demolition Wastes in Spain See appendix 1 for further details The business case for reducing

The Economics of Waste and Waste policy

reducing waste by one unit is equal to the economic and environmental benefits of having one less unit of waste There are costs and benefits associated with reducing waste For example reducing waste through making production processes more resource efficient has benefits in terms of greenhouse gas emissions avoided and savings in material costs


construction clients and ultimately will be borne by society as a whole The reduction of construction waste not only yields significant benefit to the environment but it has been reported that one Australian construction firm has been able to reduce landfill space used by 43% enjoy a 55% cost saving and recycle 35% of waste generated

Factors affecting waste generation a study in a waste

03 11 2022 · Information on waste generation socioeconomic characteristics and willingness of the households to separate waste was obtained from interviews with 402 respondents in Dhaka city Ordinary least square regression was used to determine the dominant factors that might influence the waste generation of the households The results showed that the waste generation of the households

Waste Mismanagement in Developing Countries A Review of

24 03 2022 · 1 Introduction Solid waste SW mismanagement is a global issue in terms of environmental contamination social inclusion and economic sustainability [1 2] which requires integrated assessments and holistic approaches for its solution [] Attention should be paid in developing and transition countries where the unsustainable management of SW is common []

Sustainable Development in the Construction Industry

iii a 1% reduction could mean annual savings of £15 million 6 Accordingly the Government has set a target to reduce waste disposed of to landfi ll from construction related activities by 50% by The Regulations aim to reduce the amount of waste and encourage the use of recycling Any construction project with an estimated cost